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DNS of circular impedance tube with a resonator chamber

- Unstructured tetrahedral mesh, sizes up to 1200000 nodes
- High order (up to 6-th) discretization
- Up to 200 CPU of MVS 100000 supercoputer of JSC RAS
- Performed by A. Gorobets, I. Abalakin and T. Kozubskaya at IMM RAS in 2007
- CFD code Noisette.
  • Boundary conditions: Flat acoustic wave on the input (from the left), other boundaries - non-slip walls
  • Compressible ideal gas
A flat low-frequency acoustic wave enters (from the left) to a circular impedance tube with a resonator chamber. Phenomena of transition of the acoustic energy into energy of turbulent motion was investigated. Turbulent flow appears when the wave interacts with the resonator's mouth.

DNS results should be found at IMM RAS web site.

Interaction of a flat acoustic wave with the resonator mouth

Visualization variable: density

The numerical experiments are related with modeling of noise-suppressing devices of jet engines

Acoustic liners are the perforated panels installed in the inlet of a jet engine to reduce the noise of a fan.

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