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DNS of channels with built in wall resonator chambers

- Unstructured triangular mesh, sizes up to 800000 nodes
- High order (up to 6-th) discretization
- Up to 80 CPU of RSC4 cluster of KIAM RAS
- Performed by A. Gorobets, I. Abalakin and T. Kozubskaya at IMM RAS in 2005
- CFD code Noisette.
  • Mach number M=0.4
  • Boundary conditions: Flow with or without acoustic wave from the left, output from the right, top and bottom - non-slip walls
  • Compressible ideal gas
  • From 1 to 11 resonators in the channel
Research covers mixing layer whistle, interaction with input waves, turbulence inside of the resonator, multiple resonators interaction, etc.

DNS results should be found at IMM RAS web site.
Several illustrative figures are presented further.

Multiple resonators in the channel

Instantaneous density field for different moments in time

Mesh concentration required to resolve resonator region

The numerical experiments are related with modeling of noise-suppressing devices of jet engines

Acoustic liners are the perforated panels installed in the inlet of a jet engine to reduce the noise of a fan.

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