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The parallel in-house research CFD code SCH3D

Heat and Mass Transfer Technological Center (CTTC)

Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC)
  • High-order algorithms for structured meshes
  • Large scale DNS and LES of incompressible flows
  • High efficiency on thousands of CPUs of a supercomputer
  • High performance scalable Poisson solvers
  • Flexible configuration to fit both small "Beowulf" clusters and supercomputers
Authors: X. F. Trias, A. Gorobets, M. Soria

Mathematical basis

  • High-order robust symmetry preserving discretization
  • Explicit time integration
  • Fractional step projection method for pressure-velocity coupling
  • Innovative LES models
  • Scalable Poisson solvers


  • The code is written on C language
  • MPI parallelization
  • Object-oriented structure

Development directions

  • LES models (Trias)
  • Poisson solvers (Gorobets, Trias)
  • Improvements of parallel algorithms, hybrid MPI+OpenMP approach (Gorobets)

Current applications

  • Large-scale DNS of model problems. More...
  • Development and verification of LES models
  • A. Gorobets, F. X. Trias, M. Soria and A. Oliva, “A scalable parallel Poisson solver for three-dimensional problems with one periodic direction”, Computers & Fluids journal, 39 (2010) 525-538, Elsevier
  • A.V.Gorobets, “Scalable algorithm for incompressible flow simulation on parallel computer systems”, Mathematical modeling, vol. 19, number 10, pp. 105-128, 2007
  • F. X. Trias, A. Gorobets, M. Soria and A. Oliva, “A scalable ACM-based Poisson solver for DNS of Turbulent Flows on supercomputers”, Parallel CFD 2008, Lyon (France), May 2008
  • R. W. C. P. Verstappen and A. E. P. Veldman. "Symmetry-Preserving Discretiza- tion of Turbulent Flow", Journal of Computational Physics, 187:343{368, May 2003.
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