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High Performance Computing
In Computational Fluid Dynamics and Aeroacoustics

Personal page of A. Gorobets


Parallel CFD terminology

Don't take it seriously!!!

Cucumber - any problem to be solved in a CFD context

ShitFD (SFD) - under-resolved, obsolete, poorly defined CFD simulations and algorithms  

Differentially Shited Cavity - Simulation of an air-filled differentially heated cavity 

Cucumbers and fluids - Journal Computers and Fluids

Especially fucking - common property of the Poisson equation in DNS 

Friki Cluster - a cluster without a queue system 

NightmareNostrum - MareNostrum supercomputer in its early period

Network fuckup - decrease of parallel performance due to a slowdown in network operations 

Brutal Monster (BruMon) - a high level CFD specialist  

Brutal DNS - DNS with a huge mesh size and horrifying computing power demands

Cooking - development of a complex solver based on a combination of several numerical methods 

Make love not Krylov - a common slogan in a context of solver development

Анальный и широкопоносный шум - тональный и широкополосный спектры шума 

Задрачивать куранта - управление шагом по времени при нарушении корректности 

NaNотехнологии - расчет с присутствием NaN значений в поле течения

Ц.Е. - авост с символизирующим отчаяние и безысходность Цветным лицом на букву Е  

Прыщ - локальные нефизичные пики по плотности/давлению в отдельных ячейках 
Антипрыщ - заплаточное средство автоматического устранения прыщей в течении

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